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    Andrew Hannah, MAE, RDT, LCMHC


    Counseling serves as a sanctuary from stressors such as work, family, relationships, school and it is here where people can recuperate, rejuvenate, and prepare to approach their lives with a fresh new perspective and tools to begin a transformation from surviving to thriving. In this environment, I act as a guide helping people discover their resources, creativity, and natural abilities to grow, heal, and transform themselves into who they wish to become.

    I have worked as a drama therapist, and guidance counselor for 11 years and love bringing a variety of art mediums into the process to provide new, fun, and powerful ways of exploring ourselves and the world around us. I also teach expressive arts therapy and drama therapy to graduate and undergraduate students at Lesley University.

    I offer supervision for providers pursuing their drama therapy RDT and also clinicians pursuing LCMHC licensure.