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    Chris Joy, MS, LCMHC (he/him/his)

    I graduated from Keene State in 2001 with a Theater and Dance Bachelors. With no openings for Flashdance: The Remake I decided to discover another dream or purpose. Taking a substitute teacher position opened my eyes to different career paths to examine. A position opened for an assistant in pre-school and I accepted. During my time as an assistant I learned many communication techniques, use of play, unconditional positive regard and how much adult modeling helps children. During my time in pre-school I completed my Master’s program at Capella University with an internship at an inpatient facility in New Hampshire. After my internship I worked for Mobile Crisis Response Team in Manchester, New Hampshire. Then I was summoned to the round table at CREATE!

    To play, or not to play? There is no question we play! Being a child, an adult, we are all human and to play is be human. The approach I try to embody as a counselor is Person Centered. Finding strengths and building upon them as the basis for healing or personal growth. Empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruency are the three foundations for Person Centered approach. Combining this approach with drawing, coloring, collages, Lego building, painting, G.I. Joe’s and other forms of play can all be explored. Adding and strengthening existing coping and distraction skills to provide comfort and relief from symptoms.

    “Never be afraid of who you are.” – Princess Leia

    “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.” – Yoda