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    Maria “Masha” Coy, MS, LCMHC (she/her/hers)

    Certified Nutritional Coach, Board Certified Supervisor

    There are situations in life that may lead us to forget how strong, forgiving, courageous and joyful we can be. But people also have an amazing power to heal, rebuild, and pick themselves up from negative circumstances and experience their life… better. I see therapy as a journey toward viewing life from the perspective of our wisest, most compassionate selves. During our time together we will explore your story, learn about your strengths, and uncover aspects that may be holding you back. We will then use that awareness to help regain confidence that you can overcome obstacles that may have originally seemed overwhelming and unbearable.

    I believe that a strong therapeutic alliance between a therapist and their client is an essential ingredient for successful therapy. Therefore, I aim to create a safe and supportive space in which clients are allowed to examine meaningful aspects of their lives.

    My professional interests include, but are not limited to: working with trauma recovery, grief, anxiety, and depression in all ages. I am also interested in nutritional psychology, exploring how what we put into our bodies can affect our feelings and behaviors and how those feelings and behaviors can affect our bodies. I tailor each meeting to the individual’s needs and utilize a variety of therapeutic resources, from traditional talk therapy to an array of expressive arts techniques. A favorite quote of mine is by Winston Churchill, “A joke is a very serious thing”, as I believe humor and laughter have amazing healing potential and I make room for both in my life and my work with clients. Private pay ADHD evaluations is another service that I provide.

    Additionally, I am a board certified supervisor, who works with emerging clinicians towards their licensure.

    I am bi-cultural and fluent in both English and Russian. During my free time, I enjoy being outdoors: kayaking, gardening, hiking in the summer; skiing and snow shoeing in the winter, as well as practicing yoga year around. Though proudly American, I stay connected to my Russian roots while enjoying the exploration of other cultures through travel and cuisine.