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    Marigrace O’Leary, MA, LCMHC

    I believe that living life is a process of change and growth, and when either needs to happen or circumstances call for either to happen, it can be difficult and challenging. We often resort to old behaviors or thoughts that worked for us at some point in our lives, but now are causing us pain and difficulty in our present lives. I am passionate about helping clients to identify their challenges, and to develop a plan of action that will work to create a better life.

    Psychotherapy is a partnership between the client and therapist. I offer gentle, forthright and experienced guidance. What I will bring to the relationship is great compassion, humor, and admiration for the human spirit. I will help clients to manage painful times. I am full of hope that everyone deserves and has the capacity to improve their life.

    As a practicing therapist since 2002, I have great and varied experience. I understand that individuals respond differently to life’s challenges, and that often what clients need most is someone to believe in them, and help them to believe in themselves. I work well with adults, teens, and children.